How to Approved Google AdSense in Your Blog 15 Best Tips English full guide

How to Approved Google AdSense in Your Blog 15 Best Tips English full guide 


 Every blogger wants more and more earnings from his blog. But for this, we have to follow some rules.

Let me tell you that it is very difficult to approve Adsense in India.

 Still many Lodg Adsense rules Let's break it down and don't make much money.

Tuday this post I will show you how to approve Adsense. Also I will tell you how to approve Adsense in 3 or 4 days. 

 Is It is very difficult to get an AdSense account approved in India.
 For this, you have to take care of some of the AdSense issues.
 I am telling you about 15 ways to do this, remember that if you follow them well then your AdSense account will be approved. 

Adsense AccountKo Approved 15 Tips. 

1.Adsense (Term & and Policy)

 First of all, you have to follow the rules of AdSense. Remember that the rules of Adsense change all the time.

 That's Always keep reading AdSense ki Terms and Conditions.

 2.Blog Post No Copyright

 You should never copy even a single word in your blog post.
 The result of this will be that your AdSense account is approved,
 it is a long way away; Google search console will also stop showing your site.
 And slowly visitors will stop coming to your site.

 3. Blog 40-50 Post Alread U have

 Before linking your blog to AdSense, you publish 40-50 posts in it without writing copyright.

Do not steal any kind of content from any other site by mistake. You have to write an article with your mind and nose.

 And if you have an idea to do something new inside you, then you should write articles that are not already on the Internet,
 because if you put some information which is not on the Internet, then you can help a lot.

 4.Without AdSense No Ads Any Website

 Before approving the AdSense account, remove all the AIDS cod planted on your site and check your entire site once.

 You should also remove AIDS from your blog gadget. You should also remove the AIDS code from the blog of your blog.

 Because Adsense does not approve AIDS for any other site. Such as -Chitika Bidvertizer, Yahoo, etc.

 5.Setup Your Blog In Google Analytics

    Google analytics is a very good way to prove your site to be true, so connect your site to Google analytics se.
 Google Analytics tells AdSense how many visitors are on this site. And how many get their problems Ka Solavation here.
 Make your blog or site ready to add Google analytics se.

 6. Blog  Template AdSense Support  

AdSense approving a Blog account, upload a good template to your blog so that Google Adsense can get as much information as possible about your site.
 Here I should be the AdSense Support Kuch topic bTa du Jo template of your blog. Template should be simple and responsive.
 Fast uploading template should be there so that more and more visitors can come to your site. The site of the template post should have less than 2-3 gadgets.
 Such as random post latest post popular post etc, The template should be mobile friendly which opens easily in mobile as well.
 And look good in mobile too, for example you can see my website Dekh Skte hai.
 The background clean ho of the template takes a lot of time to open the background clean ho kyuki ise of the template.

 7. Minimum Photos Do not add more photos 

on your site, many bloggers add too many photos in their posts and the result is that their AdSense account cannot be approved. Q's adsense does not support fake photos.

 8. Don't Click Your AdSense Ads

 Many people do this by clicking on the AIDS of their site from different computers, they make their friends click, by doing this, we break the roulette of Adsense. With this, our AdSense account can be blocked anytime, so remember friends, do not click on forgetting your AIDS.

 9. User Experience

 You should have full experience of your site because if you are not aware of your site then you will not be able to reply to your visitors, Adsense aise blogger does not approve. Because o knows this man will one day stop running his site, that's why we must have full experience of our site.

 10. Don't Buy Visitors

   Friends, if you have the power to do something new, do not buy visitors at all. If you do something new, then the visitors themselves will come to your blog. Google Adsense has the same thinking, so never buy visitors from Bhinki.

 11.Your Blog Template SEO Friendly

 The template that you use in your blog should be seo friendly, so that your visitors can access your blog from the bottom.

 12. Blog Google Yahoo Bing Search engines se Juda ho

 Before making an AdSense account, please check that your blog is in Google search engine or not. If you submit your blog to Google Yahoo bing yandex, then because the search engine does not know your site, it will not approve.

13.XML.Sitemap Already Make 

 All the pages of your site should be made Ka Site map, because the sitemap shows our site by converting our site into small code. AdSense is easy to read.

 14.Best Your Blog Trafic

 Before approving the AdSense account, please check how many visitors come to your blog everyday. Q: If visitors do not visit your site, then AdSense will block it by calling it a fake blog. Therefore, to add visitors to your site first, to add visitors, put such information on your blog that is not already on the Internet. To approve AdSense, a minimum 1000 visitors should visit your blog.

 15. Make Important Pages Your blog

 Before adding a blog to Adsense. Create some important pages on your blog, because AdSense wants to know about our site easily.

 About us contact us Term of usage Privacy policy Enter your site information about us In that contact,
 you should also put a contact form with your email ID so that the visitor can contact you. In the privacy policy,
Policy you can explain to them that you can help them so that no one tries to misuse your site. Friends,
 if you like our post, then share it and if you want some help, then ask in the comment.

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