How To Find Job In Google,How To Work In Google Platform Full Guide English

How To Find Job In Google,How To Work In Google Platform Full Guide English

You must know that Google is the world's largest search engine.  Of course, you should also know that millions of people work hard day and night in Google's office and convey all this information to us.  And trust me, working in Google's office is like a dream come true, because the salary of Google employees is in millions and crores.  In today's article, we will tell you that How To find job in Google?  After all, how can you get a job at Google?

 Google has its head office in California, but has thousands of branches in various countries of the world.  Getting a job at Google is everyone's dream.  Every year at least 20 lakh people apply for jobs here.

 But barely 4-5 thousand people get jobs in Google.  The reason is that it is not easy to get a job here and passing their interview is the most difficult interview in the world.

 How to do a job search for yourself with Google?

 Today, in this article, we will tell you in detail what to do to get a job or jobs in Google?  What qualifications should you have so that you can get a job in Google.

 You will find answers to all these questions in this article, so read the article till the end.  How to get a job at Google, Google job interview, Google job qualification, how to apply for a job at Google?

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 What is a Google company?

 Before knowing how to get a job at Google, it is important that we know a little about Google.  Let us tell you that Google is the largest company in the world.  The Google company was launched on 4 September 1998.

 Today, Google has become so popular that it has become another name for the Internet.  Google has bought about 127 companies in 12 years.  Gmail, Youtube, Google Map, Google Chrome, Google Playstore etc. are all part of Google company.

 As we told you above, Google's head office is in California, United States.  Google has branches in various countries of the world.  Talking about India, it also has offices in big cities like Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Bangalore.

 Let us tell you today what are the benefits of working with Google.

 Features available to Google employees

 Google provides great facilities to all its employees.  Here employees not only get good salary, but also get many benefits.  like,

 Free Meals: All Google employees are given 3 free meals.
 Swimming Pool: A swimming pool has also been constructed to relax the employees.
 Relax House: Relax House is also arranged here.

 Atmosphere: It is very important for any company to have a good environment.  Google ensures that its employees are given a friendly atmosphere, great culture.
 Free Gym: Gym facilities are also provided keeping in mind the fitness of the employees.

 Medical: The staff here is provided with the best medical staff.  So that employees can get their treatment if they are sick.

 Work from home:

  Google also provides work facility to its employees from home.  Google also offers online job options.  Options are available on its employment and career site.

 Death Benefit:

  According to Google's policy, if one of its employees dies while working at Google, the employee's spouse will be paid 50% of the salary for the next 10 years.
 Paternity / Maternity Leave:

 Google allows its pregnant employees 12–18 weeks for maternity leave and male employees 7 weeks for paternity leave.

 Google job qualification

 If you want to get a job in Google, then you must have some qualifications given below.

 Educational qualification according to job

 Complete computer information.
 Strong grip on the English language.
 High intelligence level.
 Good understanding of Maths and Reasoning.
 Applicant must be mentally healthy.
 Let us now know how to get these Hindi jobs in Google.  The most important thing in this article is how to get a job at Google.  How will you apply for a job?

 How to get a job at Google?

 First of all, you need to go to the website.  On this carrier website of Google, you will also get a job in Google, its vacancy will be revealed.
 You have to search for the position and place of job as per your mind.  Then look at the skills, education and experience for that job position and apply for the job.

 When you apply, upload your resume as well.  Apart from this, give complete information in the given form.  Like - your qualification, want to work in any field and branch etc.
 You will be shortlisted for the interview based on the information and résumé filled by you.  Let us tell you that in many universities, Google also employs students through company placements.

 How are Google Jobs interviewed?

 This interview is the most difficult time for any applicant applying for a job at Google.  Because there is a face to face interview which is very difficult.

 It is believed that Google's interview is tuff compared to other companies.  But it becomes clear if any candidate concentrates wisely and gives interview.

 Explain that to get a job in Google, four things are very important.

 The candidate's general cognitive ability should also include the ability to include information.
 Secondly, the candidate should have emergency leadership, that is, whenever there is a problem, you should participate in solving it.
 The third culture fit is called Googlyness in Google company.  That is, the candidate has the ability to adapt himself to the culture.
 The fourth is the specialist for the job for which the candidate is being hired.
 Questions are asked in interviews based on these four abilities.  The interviewer may ask a variety of logical and awkward questions to the candidate.  He will try his best to confuse you.

 Apart from this, you will be asked many situations based on how you will handle such situations.  Maybe these situations are quite funny but you have to find the logic inside it and answer it.

 That is why it is very important for the candidate to be focused and confident during the interview.

 What is the salary of Google employees?

 While reading this article, it must have come to your mind how much is the salary package of Google employees.  Let us tell you that the employees here are offered excellent salary with many benefits.

 The average salary of Google employees is $ 161,409 (about Rs. 1 crore 19 lakh annually).  This is actually too much, which is why people yearn to get a job at Google.

 The conclusion

 Friends, in this article I told you how you can get a job in Google, how you can apply.  In addition, we learned what benefits are available to the employees here, what qualifications the applicant should have and how the interview is here.

 Hope you find this article very informative.  I tried my best to convey all the information from Bariki to my readers.

 If you are willing to do a job in Google, then apply quickly as per the above method and start preparing for the interview.

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